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  Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Dutch Twill Weave

Wa are enjoys rich experiences in weaving first-grade Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Dutch Wire Cloth and Nickel Wire Mesh, especially woven wire mesh with extra roll width. Major wire materials for stainless steel wire mesh is stainless steel 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 2520, 2080; mesh count of square opening stainless steel wire mesh normally ranges from 40mesh to 400mesh; mesh count per inch of Dutch woven wire cloth is from 10mesh/64mesh to 400mesh/2800mesh (Filter Wire Cloth Gauge 40# to 1600#) at a width of 1.5m to 8m.
Specification List of Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Dutch Twill Weave
Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Dutch Twill Weave
Filter Cloth Gauge Mesh Wire Diameter Particle size passing(micron)
80 II 20meshx250mesh 0.28x0.2 38
120 II 30meshx300mesh 025x0.18 36
200 II 50meshx500mesh 0.14x0.11 34
320 I 80meshx700mesh 0.11x0.08 32
320 II 80meshx780mesh 0.10x0.07 30
360 90meshx780mesh 0.10x0.07 25
400 I 100meshx780mesh 0.10x0.07 22
400 II 100meshx900mesh 0.10x0.063 20
500 120meshx1100mesh 0.07x0.05 17
630 150meshx1400mesh 0.063x0.04 16
650 165meshx1400mesh 0.07x0.04 14
685 180meshx1800mesh 0.063x0.032 13
795 I 200meshx1400mesh 0.07x0.04 12
795 II 200meshx1800mesh 0.05x0.032 10
850 210meshx1900mesh 0.045x0.028 10
1000 250meshx2000mesh 0.045x0.026 8
1125 280meshx2200mesh 0.036x0.026 7
1200 300meshx2200mesh 0.036x0.026 6
1250 325meshx2300mesh 0.035x0.025 5
1600 400meshx2800mesh 0.03x0.018 3
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